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Why Are Textbooks So Damn Expensive? – A Rant from a Broke University Student

Textbooks are disgustingly expensive. When the total money spent on textbooks over the course of a four year undergraduate degree is approximately the cost of one semesters tuition (assuming all the books were bought new), it can be considered to be a little ridiculous.

Books should not be this expensive. Trying to charge students hundreds of dollars PER BOOK is completely unreasonable. Especially whenever they have to buy a new edition every year, because some asshole decided it needed to be a different color or the chapters should be rearranged.

After having to spend nearly $300 this week on textbooks that will be of no use to anyone in the next twelve months, you could say I’m more than a little miffed.

As far as I’m concerned, if teachers are going to be making textbooks mandatory, the school should provide a copy or two in the library for those who cannot afford to pay to have one of their own. Plus, who needs to change the book every year? High schools make do with the books they have for years, so why if there are no substantial changes should university and college students be expected to dish out money to pay for them?

The worst part is, students have no choice. They can either take the chance and not purchase the textbooks and potentially need it, or they can buy it and probably never open it if they don’t need it.

Well. There’s my rant for today.



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